Hot like a sauce and I dip every nugget..cuz i can bug it and still come off rugged.

Picked up 2 classics today. First, I got a copy of "Breaking Atoms" by Main Source in the mail. This album is going for 70 bucks on Ebay cuz it's out of print and I found it for 17 bucks! What a classic album. Large Professor is just too funky. "Looking at the front door", "Just Hangin' Out", and "Live At The Barbeque" are classics.

Second, someone online hooked me up with mp3's of The Knuckleheadz album. This album was supposed to come out in 1991-92? They were a part of The Hit Squad with EPMD, Redman, Das Efx, K-solo, etc. For some reason, their album never saw the light of day. I have a tape of The Hip Hop Countdown and Report that I recorded off of KMOJ from that year and The Knuckleheadz track "All She Wanted" is on that tape. I have been looking for that track really hard lately and from posting on some message boards that I frequent, I finally found the whole album!!! Thanks to cocaine, blunts and Hip Hop.com for the hook up!

Finally, last night was one of the craziest nights of sleep ever. After falling asleep, my phone rang at 2 in the morning from someone I haven't talked to in about a year. Then at 3 am I wake up hearing two raccoons outside of my window fighting each other. They kept hissing, screaming and wrestling. After that fiasco, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was possessed by something and raccoons kept biting off my toes and fingers. I got so mad that I turned into a nintendo gameboy with eyeballs and started zapping them??!!?? Where the hell did that dream come from?