Joss Stone and the gigantic mess...

Listened to the new Joss Stone record today and I was amazed by it. This girl has so much soul it's unbelievable. "Your love is choking", and "Your a dirty man" are crazy. I can't wait untill she puts out a record with her own songs instead of covers.

I got home this morning and saw the biggest mess this house has ever had. I usually don't mind cleaning up from parties and me and Natzel are usually the two that do, but I ain't touching this one with a ten foot pole. Sorry doods.

Found out my homie from the St.Clone years, Matt, is leaving the state of Minnesota come end of July. If it's to the virgin islands to start a rib shack like he talked in college, i'm frigging coming.

Moments of Euphoria never seem to last long enough.