Nader needs to start smaller??

Who ever commented that Nader needs to start smaller and voting for him is like voting for a kid out of high school..

Ralph Nader has founded or organized more than 100 civic organizations, authored countless books and publications, and perhaps more than any other person has defined our modern understanding of the American ideals of democracy, civic duty, and participation for the public good, rather than dominance by the corporate powers. Known for his ethics, integrity and independence, Ralph Nader is recognized world-wide for putting democracy to work.

The reason Nader doesn't get as much attention or you don't see tons of commercials for his campaign is because the Independence party and The Green party as part of their platform do not accept Special Interest Money from corporations like democrats and republicans do. Nader only has a tiny fraction of their money. Obviously this special interest money has a weight on which way a candidate is going to lean towards corporate interests. Such as Bush with the NRA and Kerry with the ACLU.

How come people who post annonymous on political topics never post their name at the end?