A couple years ago, I got into a music genere known as "Underground Disco". Unerground Disco is music that was mostly played in the underground clubs of new york back in discos hayday but it was a much more raw and soulful sound then the radio disco tunes. Well one of my favorite music labels Barely Breaking Even BBE is putting out this new relase which has me very excited...

The Kings Of Disco - Compiled by:Dimitri From Paris and Joey Negro
2xCD Tracks:  
Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys - Derrick Harriott
It Looks Like Love (Dim's Compiled Edit) - Vincent Montana Jr. feat. Goody Goody
Nuclear Night (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Crystal Disco Band
Agent 406 (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Lime
Not Tonight (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Macho
Pumping Iron (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Larry Wood
Take Me I'm Yours (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Mary Clark
El Bailara Conmigo/He´ll Dance With Me (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Cappuccino
Music Land - Clymax
I'm Caught Up - Risco Connections
Roll The Joint (Joey Negro´s Re-Edit) - Master Boogie Song & Dance
I’m In Love (Joey Negro Edit) - Cela
Chant No.1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (US Remix) - Spandau Ballet
Love Fantasy - Mighty Fire
Skate Dancer - Vinzerrelli
That Friday Pay (Part 1) - Sonny Jenkins and the New York Potpourri Strings
Situation (Joey Negro Re-Edit) - Yazoo
Get Down With The Jam Band (Joey Negro Re-Edit) - John Gibbs
Just Like A Door Knob (Joey Negro Edit) - Touche
I’ve Been Searching (Walter Gibbons Mix) - Art & Crafts
This new BBE-series brings together the globe’s supreme exponents of a particular musical genre and asks them to reach deep into their vaults for lesser-known gems. First up is Disco, and two world-renown DJ’s who are as much at home in the club as in the studio. Both have been busy between dj-dates with a prolific list of production & remix credits. Both have spent the last twenty years mining the record stores, basements and warehouses of the world in a boundless search for ‘the golden eggs’ of disco music.

Hopefully this series will contain a Funk version and a HipHop version. If you don't know about this label you should check it out at www.bbemusic.com. They specialize in putting out out of print soul,funk,disco,hiphop releases. They also put out new releases from Pete Rock and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few.