Vh-1 Hip hop specials..

Everyday this week, Vh-1 has been airing one hour documentrys about various years and movements of hip hop. When I first heard about these I was like great it's going to be about the usual horrible rappers like Nelly and all that, but these are actually great! They've covered almost everything for each year they've covered so far. Lots of interviews with people inside the early years like Def Jam employees, Rick Rubin, Russel Simmons, etc. I'll be taping these if they repeat again.

Also, after seeing the episodes so far, I still don't understand why Tupac is looked at like the greatest rapper ever? Sure he had his handfull of political songs and decent songs, but after the first two albums he pretty much made songs of dissing people and getting with women. Plus there are way better lyricists then he was like Rakim and Kool G. Rap. I don't care I think tupac was weak.