Last Night a DJ Saved my Life...

Last night was interesting. We showed up at the Triple Rock an hour before the show to be greeted by a sign on the door that said "SOLD OUT: DONT EVEN ASK!". So we got a tip from the G Unit that everybody was going to Lyon's Pub! Had a pretty good time. Got the usuall don't even show your i.d. welcome at the door. Our waitress was the one Jeff Hill talked to awhile back and she saw me and said.."Uh Oh..I know you!" Somehow I talked the dj into playing a Time song and he played "The Stick" from the first one. That was a surprise. And when Amber asked for Prince for me he played "Delirious"? The only two people on the dancefloor were me and jbird. Speaking of Jbird he puked on his pants. After the Lyon's Pub everybody hopped into Ambers car and we had a late night dance party at the house. I think the weirdest thing that happened here was when Natzel was dancing with a Midevil Times crown on and when they made a hat out of a empty 24 pack and put it on a passed out JBird.

An interesting story I heard this morning......Ando and his new lady met us at the Lyon's Pub and I noticed she had quite a few drinks. Found out this morning that she puked in his Jaguar and on his sheets. Heh Heh.