The First Annual Future Rhythm 2004 Music Awards...

I was bored tonight so I decided to put together my websites first annual music awards. All winners reflect the opinion of me, myself and I so don't get mad if you don't agree..

Album of the Year
-"Musicology" by Prince

This album was a total smash. Was in the top 10 forever, and created controversy with the new video "Cinnamon Girl".

Best Rock Album
"Rubber Factory" by The Black Keys

This album is a bluesy, rock, funk opus that I can play from start to finish.

Best R&B/Soul Album
"Comfort Woman" by Meshell N'Degeocello

I think Meshell is one of the most underrated musicians and songwriters ever. This album had a spaced out reggae funk vibe that had me grooving all last February. Her show at the Quest even blew my mind with a funked out cover of "Pimpers Paradise" by Bob Marley.

Best album re-issue of the year
"Critical Beatdown" Ultramagnetic MC's

I was leaning towards "The Kings of Disco" but this reissue contains 5 bonus tracks from the 12 inch singles, it's digitally remastered and sounds excellent! Also has great linear notes with interviews and photos of all the original members.

Best Box Set of the year
"Five Guys Walk Into A Bar" Faces

Unreleased live, studio cuts and bsides included on this four disc collection of the most underrated rock band ever!

Best Hip Hop Album
"The Grind Date" De La Soul

This was a hard one. I thought about "The New Danger" by Mos Def but this last week i've been playing "The Grind Date" non-stop! I don't think De La Soul has ever dissapointed me with any of their releases. "Church" is on constant repeat.

Best Live Show
TIE! Prince "The Musicology 2004ever Tour/Paisley Park aftershows" & Paul Westerberg live at the Pantages Theatre.

I had to make this one a tie! The Prince show at the Xcel center was fantastic. 5th row seats, songs I haven't heard him play live like "D.M.S.R.", "Call My Name", a cover of Zepplins "Whole Lotta Love". The acoustic portion of the show was unbelievable with just Prince on a stool with his guitar playing "Little Red Corvette", "Sweet Thing", and "I could never take the place of your man". The aftershows at Paisley Park were even more exciting with Prince playing another three hour set there! The final night at Paisley Park he did an encore of "Purple Rain" and "Adore"!

I just got into Paul Westerberg and The Replacements last year thanks to my roomate Natzel. Paul has one of the most distinct voices in rock n' roll and I didnt' know what to expect since they said he hadn't toured with a band for 8 years. He blew the roof of of the Pantages. Playing my favorites like "Alex Chilton", "On The Bus", "Crackle and Drag", "Can't Hardly Wait" and an encore of "MPLS" singing his vocals through his harmonica mic. He sounded like he didn't lose a thing in those 8 years.

Honorable mention goes to Chris Robinson and The New Earth Mud at the Quest.

Best Music DVD Release
The Diary of Prince Paul

This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life. Prince Paul was responsible for production on the first three De La Soul albums, he was a member of Stetsasonic, and is currently part of Handsome Boy Modeling School to name a few of his accomplishments. This diary was supposed to air on MTV but they decided to shelve it. Just one watch will tell you why.

Worst Thing About Music in 2004

I don't think a day went by this year where I would be at work, at a club, or just turning the radio on in my car and I would hear an Usher song at least 4 or 5 times. Sometimes at work I would hear the same song on the same station twice within an hour. In my opinion there is not anything exciting or groundbreaking about Ushers music and hopefully it will fade away soon! Kudos to KMOJ here in Minneapolis for using the advertising slogan "YOUR USHER AND R.KELLY FREE R&B STATION!"

What I"m Looking Foreward To In 2005
"Mmm Food" by MF Doom and "Cantneverdidnothin'" by Nikka Costa

"Mmm Food" is MF Dooms follow up to "Operation Doomsday". MF Doom is one of the most underrated hip hop producers and lyricists out right now and this should be a great album. MF Doom used to be Zev Luv X of KMD (Third rapper on "The Gas Face" by 3rd Bass.)

I've heard the new Nikka Costa single and it is totally funky! She said she's going for a more rock/funk sound on this album and it totally does sound like that.