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This is another summer picture from the summer that just past. This was taken at my homeboy Steve Millers cabin when all of us from work went up to Garrison, MN. The three in the back from left are Natrix, Me, Jeff Hill. The man on the couch is Jake. Notice the Grain Belt Premium can on the counter. This was taken after a long day of sitting on the dock, swimming, shooting the sh*t in lawnchairs, and drinking a cool 6. I think "Lets Groove" by Earth Wind & Fire was on the stereo. God, I want it to be summer again!

Also, Me, Jeff Hill, Steve Miller and our crew chief Taylor went to Jams in Brooklyn Center after work again. Another night of drinking some beers and jive talking. All was good untill the boss bought us a round of a shot called a "Red Headed Slut" which consists of Jagermeister, Cranberry juice, and peach Schnops! They were playing some good jams until some uneducated music people requested every top 40 hip hop hit ever.

Also, Everybody who knows me take Dec. 18th and 19th off because for the anniversary of my birthday we are going to see Hookers & Blow (70's and 80's funk/rock cover band) at the Fine Line in Minnapolis. Will indeed be the best time ever!