I got into Bunkers to see G.B. Leighton for free and you didn't...

Well I finally recieved my copy of Handsome Boy Modeling School and I am impressed. I am digging the whole album but my favorite song has to be "If It Wasn't For You" w/ De La Soul and Starchild Xcaliber. As a bounus for preordering, they sent me a dvd of the Diary of Prince Paul that was supposed to air on MTV but never did. After watching I can see why. It is basically a middle finger to today's hiphop. Kind of what his last album "Politics of Business" was. I think most MTV viewers that listen to Eminem, Jessica Simpson and all that garbage would be wondering what the hell was going on if they ever saw this. You can tell most of it is acting, but not bad acting. Highlights include:

-Paul deciding weather to take his PT Crusier, Dodge Neon, or Benz out for the day.

-Pauls album instore where the whole time only one kid comes up to the table and asks who he is and doesn't want an autograph cuz he's never heard of Prince Paul.

-Prince Paul's friend Buster Bust claiming Busta Rhymes is a bitch who doesn't know how to spell and thats why his name is better.

-Prince Paul and MC Paul Barman taking choreography lessons for the tour from a gigantic warewolf looking man named Creeqo Valincio.

-Since theres spots inbetween for commercials Prince Paul made his own for the dvd to play between the Diary. One for a PT Crusier where a man who owns it dreams of making love to it while it's going through the Carwash and a commercial for Miller Lite (Pauls friend Busters drink of choice) where tons of ladies surround Buster. He asks for a straw from the bartender and at the end of the commerical it says: "Miller Lite...Drink it with a straw bitch!"

On another note, went with Travis to Bunker's and Mel's Beauty Bar last night. I can't believe I had never been to Mel's before. That place has a very cool and dark atmosphere sort of like The Lounge. They had a DJ on the ones and twos who spun Common, Mos Def, old school M.J. etc. I will be back.