Professor....Whats another word for pirate treasure?

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Well, last night could have been in the top 5 most fun nights of my life. Started out by going to see Paul Westerberg at the Pantages with Natz. Unbelievable show! Michael Bland was the drummer and the whole band was great. Played cuts like "Can't Hardly Wait", "Crackle and Drag", and "You're Making me Go". The hightlight for me was "Alex Chilton". He sounded like he never stopped touring. One of the funny moments was when Paul said he couldn't call his band the Painkillers anymore because somebody from bumfu*k Minnesota said they allready had a band with that name. He then called his band Paul Westerberg and his only friends.

From there we went to Gasthoffs in N.E. Minneapolis which was one of the best times i've ever had at a bar. Almost everybody I knew was there and I met a new friend. Ordered a drink called a "Tied To The Bedpost" which was quite intoxicating.

The picture above was from our Halloween party. I got my pictures developed today and they turned out great! I will try to post more this week.

Lastly, please check out Travis's new site........http://ilaughwhenicrap.blogspot.com