Birthdays and such...

I noticed a commment that asked why I said "Anniversary of my Birthday" on my last post and NO It is not a Prince inspired Jehovah's Witness thing. If you go to watchtower.org you will see that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Birthdays because they believe the early Christians didn't and in their Bible the only Birthday celebrated is the Birth of Jesus.

I say Anniversary of Birthday because of some research I've done and because of a couple other things. First, we only have one DAY OF BIRTH in life which is our BIRTHDAY. Second, in times that took place thousands of years ago, they did not use the same calendar we use today. If you look at the months you will notice that Julius Ceaser added July for himself and other philosiphors and so called kings added months to celebrate themselves. So if I lived in those times I could be maybe 60 years old right now. And back in the times of the Bible being 100 years old could have been like being 17. Knowing this, it makes no sense to celebrate a "Birthday" because again we only have one in life. Instead I have decided to just celebrate my appearance on earth as of the anniversary of my day of birth. And as a disclaimer, I don't believe everyone should think the way I do and if you want to call it a birthday or whatever, right on. That's just what I think.

I probably sound like a wacko now, but it's not any of us haven't before.