Talking about a Roadhouse Garden..

I was making a Prince mix for a couple friends of mine and I came across this disc I haven't heard for awhile which is a Prince show at First Ave. from 84 after Purple Rain came out. Two of the songs he plays are unreleased songs called "Our Destiny" and "Roadhouse Garden". In 1999 Prince teased his fans by saying he was going to release an album called "Roadhouse Garden" that was supposed to come out after "Purple Rain" but Warner Brothers wouldn't let him put it out. Then a few months later he told Kurt Warner it was on the backburner because he wants Wendy & Lisa to be a part of it. So far I've heard 5 songs from it and it will be a great album if it ever sees the light of day. "Roadhouse Garden" would be a straight up classic in my opinion. The songs kind of sound like a mix of "Around The World in a Day" and "Purple Rain". So you can tell it's from that period.