Attack of The Clones,,,,

Well I thought there would never be another sequal, but it sounds like it's going to happen. The Farm Crew is going to make a St. Clone trip for the second straight year. Why do I call St.Cloud St. Clone? Well it all started after I left St. Cloud State and started going to school down here, I'd make a trip up every year to see a couple friends of mine who still went there. Everytime I would return, we'd go to a bar and no lie every dood in the bar had on a Ambercrombie turtleneck sweater, a shell necklace, white khaki's, and a flipped upside down visor. One time we saw a group of friends who had that same outfit on but different color sweaters! NO LIE! So it became St. clone and that is why we must invade it and show those suckers how it's done. That and roadtrips and hotel stays are always the jam. Plus the Red Carpet dancefloor has been known to hop.