U can dance if you want to...All the critics love u in New York

Well, hope to see all of you that are voting at the polls tommrow. I know we've all head some heated discussions on this site and at various places, but that's probably a good thing. I for one will be voting at my old elementry school, Evergreen Park. Everytime I vote I go back to that place and some teacher comes up and says I look familar. It's also the only place I think I can go now and feel tall.

I watched the newest South Park where everybody in town had to vote for the new school mascot. The choices were "A Giant Douche" or "A Turd Sandwich". Stan doesn't really want to vote because everyone keeps pressuring him to and P.Diddy threatens to shoot him if he doesn't. What I thought was kind of funny and true at the same time is that at the end Stan realizes that the only choices we'll ever have for President is "A giant douche" and "A Turd Sandwich", and you know what, that's probably true.

Oh Well. I'll be at Evergreen Park at 7am tommorow and don't forget to vote for Lance everybody!

I'm going to see Paul Westerberg this Friday and Michael Bland from the old New Power Generation is his drummer and it's going to be a fantastic show.

That's about it for now.