Forget Tony Danza I"m the Boss...

Well today ends my weekend home alone. I was home alone in the house since Thursday since my roomates went to Summerfest in Milwaukee. I got a phone messege from them yesterday that has Diamond David Lee Roth singing "running with the devil" live. Made me a little jealous, but I know there are many more moments of euphoria coming this summer.

I must say, I think I held down the house down pretty well. Nothing got broken, kept it clean, had some pretty good nights and afternoons. Friday had to be the topper with the pool/hot tub party. I think i'd rather kick it by the pool on a nice summer afternoon/evening with friends and funky music then go to a bar. Got to see some people I haven't seen for awhile like Alex Steel and the Codeman and also met some new people. Jeff made me one of the best mixes I've ever heard. I'm definitely going to have to dig into the Quannum artists. Also, watch for me and Jeff's comedy routine coming to Acme Comedy Club Amatuer night very soon. We just have to write some more material (The following comment is serious).

Got an email from my homie Scott from High School and found out that he just moved into a house that is 3 minutes away from me, so hopefully we can kick it soon.

Katie Hemp is banned.

Everybody go buy Jamie Lidell's new album.

Foreston Fun Days countdown is 2 weeks! Year number 4!

I am feeling "Being Bobby Brown". He actually seems like a guy I'd like to hang with.

The Coup is going to be at first ave. in October.

That is all 4 now.