Do it till' your tattoos dizzy and the stud in your mouth turns gold...

Future Rhythm at 7200

"Hair" Graham Central Station
"I have to keep dancing(to keep from crying)" Smokey Robinson and the miracles
"I second that emotion" Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
"Mad" Prince
"My Doorbell" White Stripes
"In Time" Sly Stone
"Babies Makin' Babies" Sly Stone
"I Believe In U" Graham Central Station
"I'll House You (kenny dope remix)" Jungle Brothers
"The War" Lucero
"Crusin" Smokey Robinson
"The Good Life" The NPG
"Mad Sex" Prince

I've officially decided that Uptown is the wackest place on earth. Straight Booshee! It is banned and I will never set foot there again. Yuppiefest. Northeast is the new uptown.