Just as the earth will spend a 1,000 years making up for what we do..so have I for you..

So last week I volunteered to teach a class on how to use the internet and email to homeless people. I still have yet to hear back from the lady or the shelter. Kinda weird.

My friend April showed me this.....www.awesome80sprom.com and hell yes I am going sometime this summer.

I had probably the lamest weekend of the summer so far. Worked every frigging day and had to work untill 2am friday night. I spent my evenings after work on the porch by myself listening to records. It was actually pretty entertaining listening to some stuff I hadn't played for a long time. "Reel 2 Reel" by Grand Puba, "live at the jazz cafe" by d'angelo, "Release Yourself" and "Mirror" by Graham Central Station, "The Four Horseman" by Ultramagnetic MC's, and some underground disco and funk stuff.

I don't know why but I'm really digging Wildboyz on mtv2. Those two just make me laugh constantly. They were somewhere in India yesterday where they make dance movies and they made a dance movie and it was one of the funniest things I"ve ever seen.

oh well, back to the hell I call work.