"Some people say Jesus was there homeboy..well mine was moses..the blizzards comin' ya'll.."

I must say, even though i absolutely hate eMpTyV and all that it stands for, I was actually entertained last night by that MPLS kid on MADE who wanted to be a rapper.

It's still not going to be as cool as when Pat Croce Moving In comes to our house and Pat Croce tries to get me and Jewett to stop drinking and Ando to do his laundry. Or when the Sluggies get on The Real World.

The Top 10 Wrekords that are getting the most spin in my house yeah my house..

1. "Get Behind Me Satan" - The White Stripes
2. "The Kings Of Hip Hop" - DJ Premier and DJ Thing
3. "Nobody's Darlings" - Lucero
4. "The Rainbow Children" - Prince
5. "Virgin Ubiquity Vol. 2" - Roy Ayers
6. "The Grind Date" - De La Soul
7. "Itstrumentals" - Prince Paul
8. "The Turnaround" - Hank Mobley
9. "Steal This Album" - The Coup
10. "In The House" - Kenny Dope