S is for scandolous..E is for exciting..X is for adults only let's do something frieghtning...

I don't know what it is about The Eagles of Death Metal, but whenever I play their albums I feel like a big baddass. The new album, "Death By Sexy" is great. Loved seeing them perform "I want you so hard" on Jay Leno Thursday night! The lead singer cracks me up.

I found out Graham Johnson has a myspace page. I found it too. He must be doing backflips that p.j. is on snl tonight.

Whatever happened to the Sleepy Brown album?

Went to Mayslacks' last night and saw one of the worst bands ever called Pop Bang. The lady at the bar reminded me of peets mom by saying "They're kinda poppy". Me and the Bird went out on the dancefloor and all of the sudden the band starts and its....a matchbox 20 cover? Huh? Pretty f+ckin wack!