I don't dig no phonys....

Hung out with some co-workers last Saturday afternoon and had a frigging blast. Won 350 dollars on Pulltabs! Won a gift certificate to Majors and I won a pack of steaks! Also found out my co-workers are quite the fun bunch to hang out with. Picture coming very soon!

Won a best buy gift certificate from work for our office being the best in the company for the 3rd straight quarter. Also won the movie King Kong which I'll never watch.

My ipod is the greatest thing ever. I'm at 240 songs and I hook it to my stereo and groove for hours. Playing at this moment.... "I Don't Know" Slum Village

To whomever it may concern....a couple cliches for you...You burn too many bridges, pretty soon you have none to cross. Sometimes the truth hurts. Hate me forever..it won't bother me.