Barstool Open 2006

Barstool Open was one of the greatest times ever! The holes were actually pretty challenging. I got a hole in one at the Imperial Room and got to slide down their firepole! We ended up finishing 16th out of 100 teams! Highlights of the day included meeting a team of two husbands and wifes that kicked it with us most of the time. Very fun people! Eating Pepporoni zaa at Pizza Luce with a 16 oz can of Pabst at 10 something in the morning waiting for our turn at the hole. Trying to steal a picture of the fonz from the Imperial Room for the second day in a row.

I am definitely doing this again next year! Met a lot of cool people and had a blast. I was wating to post about this because the event took about a hundred pictures of us because of the outfits we wore and they were going to post some on thier website I think. I"ll post a picture of our team as soon as they post them.