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Went and saw Prince's new protege' Tamar with him as the special guest on Saturday night. As my friend April and I were enjoying a drink in the lobby, we were handed passes to the afterparty at Paisley Park by Prince's security guard which got us amped!

The show was fantastic! Much more than I expected. Prince didn't really do much more than play guitar and sing back up, except when he did "Partyman" from the Batman Soundtrack and a few covers. But, his guitar work was spectacular and he definitely tore the house down with his soloing on Tamar's "Red Headed Stepchild". Tamar was equally impressive with a voice that could hang with any of the Mariah Carey's or Whitney Houstons. Her sound is very soulful with a heavy rock side. She has two gorgeous twin dancers that with her look very similar to the old Ike and Tina Turner review.

The afterparty was pretty cool. Arrived at Paisley Park about 11:30pm and walked inside. Hadn't been there for two years so it was nice to be back. DJ was on point! She played Kanye's "Golddigger" while mixing in "I Got A Woman" by Ray Charles which "Golddigger" samples heavily. "The Combo" played a very funky and very long set with a bunch of funky covers. Jellybean Johnson from The Time guested. Prince and his band just sat at the top of the stairs watching the whole time. Ran into a lot of old friends and met a few new ones during the party. Had me a great time!