U can come if u want 2..but u can't ever leave...

-Heard the title track to Prince's new album "3121" and it's a type of funk that gives me the same feeling "Days of Wild" did when I first heard it. This song sounds so different then anything he did in the 90's and "Musicology". It's almost like he realized that trying to sound like the times ain't working and he decided to do his own thing again. The song "3121" has the camille voice, funky bass, weird guitar, and Prince sounding like he's f*cked up or something!

-Work is complete hell this week. Working massive overtime, having to miss the Time show, and having to work on St. Patricks day. Major overtime pay equals no fun for me, myself and eye.

-I decided I like club sandwiches.

-I ran into Tad Chilli's girlfriend Corrine at Klaudas Irish Pub in Maple Grove on Saturday night. No sign of the Chilli Mac though.

-Last weekend was the first weekend in about four weeks that I didn't head downtown mpls. I really didn't miss the people and I might just have to make that a habit from now on. Going to find a new joint to tear apart.