Man I hate makin' movies..but I like that money..think i don't?..

I've been winning a lot of dvd movies at work lately. While that is kind of exciting and an interesting incentive to make me work faster and more accurate, I guess I'm not a big movie guy. There's only a handful of movies or tv shows I think I'd rather keep and watch over and over again. Of course I got my "Arrested Development" sets and "Purple Rain" which I've watched a million times and will probably watch over and over again. But, my copy of "Road Trip" that I won has been sitting on my shelf for months without a view. I guess I'd rather own a million cd's and records than a million movies that I'll watch once and never see again. Might be a good day to make a cheapo run, sell those bastards and pick up some records with the cash. YEAH!

I"d buy those "Wildboyz" dvd's though if they didn't repeat them almost everyday on MTV2. I love that show. Those two crack me up.