Dirty Rotten Scoundrel And My Name Is Jeru....

Just so you know I am not 14 years old, but I did open a myspace account. I did it because a friend of mine told me to find her on there to get a hold of her when I recently ran into her. So I opened one and ended up getting a hold of her. Well myspace is full of people trying to "hook up", it actually has some good things to it. A lot of bands have myspace sites. I did some searching and found out that the owner of one of my favorite record labels, Barely Breaking Even, has his own myspace site. I went to his site and sent him a message about the lack of funk in Minneapolis clubs and he sent me a nice email back the next day explaining how I could go about having funk nights at clubs here like they do in England. And he talked about how he started the label for love of funk, jazz, and soul music and he doesn't even have an office. I haven't decided if I'm going to continue to update my myspace site yet, so for now you'll have to do some heavy searching on there if you want to see it. It's pretty basic and lame right now so it's nothing special anyway.

My roomate Natz gave me a copy of the Lucero album "the Attic Tapes". Stuff they recorded on a 4 track. Must be old demos or something. Very good stuff! "Diamond State Heartbreak" is my favorite.

Prince's website is saying "Fury" is the next single off "3121" and a video is coming soon. Even though I dig the song, I'll probably see the video a couple times on Vh1's Jump Start and never hear it on the radio just like "Black Sweat". I still don't understand why "Black Sweat" doesn't get played in clubs around here or on the radio. You can't tell me if Pharell did the same song it be on mtv and kdwb every 30 seconds.

Had the first lawn dart tourney of the year last Friday. Had a blast! Also was lucky enough to get invited to my friend April's parents wedding reception. Congratulations to them!

No plans for this weekend as of yet.

Now spinning....

"Speak yo clout" Gangstarr f/Jeru Tha Damaja
"Fake" Alexander O'Neal
"Wicky Wacky" The Fatback Band (Thanks to April)
"I Shouldn't Have Done It" Slick Rick
"Twocanwin" Jay Dilla (Jay Dee)
"Fat Cats (Remix)" Slum Village
"Diamond State Heartbreak" Lucero
"Happy In The Morning" Nikka Costa