A whole lotta superstars on this stage here tonight, but I want u to know 1 thing..this is my house!..

Finally watched The VH1 Second Annual Hip Hop Honors show. Kind of a bland show. I always kind of dislike shows like this and that MTV ICON show because they always pick popular artists to take part it seems so everyone will watch the show. It was cool to see Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Big Daddy Kane and Ice T get their due, but why Salt N Pepa? I know I might get angry comments about this, but why B.I.G. too? Aren't there like a million more people that should be honored? What about Afrikka Bambotta and the Soulsonic Force? Gangstarr? The Beastie Boys? Hell, why not Prince Paul, De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest? And why was Boyz In The Hood the first movie to be honored? What about Wild Style and Krush Groove? The coolest part of the show for me was Big Daddy Kanes performance. Holy sh*t does he still have his chops! The Roots were bad as hell playing the beats, Black Thought was dope, and Common doing a windmill was surprising, but watching Kane rhyme was crazy! Then when he went into the dance routine with the dancers, that blew the whole stage apart! Would have liked to have seen a little "Ain't No Half Steppin'" thrown in, but it was still classic!

Is D'angelo becoming the new Sly Stone? One of my favorite artists of all time hasn't put out an album for about 5 years, was arrested on drug possesion a few months ago and now just got into a huge accident where he was thrown from his car? Will he ever put out a new album?

The Office is officially my favorite show on Hellivision. I like how they push the limits and I haven't seen a show this funny in a long long time!

That is all you get for now suckaz.