The morning papers.....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Had one of the most fun labor day weekends in my life. Went to my friend April's cabin and had a great time. A weekend that consisted of finding friends at random bars, ghostbusters conversations, fires, mad dog/purple rain, shotgunning beers, lawn darts, fishing, doing the dishes, kareoke, and good times. There was honestly not one moment where I didnt' have a frigging blast.

The NFL starts tonight! I can't wait until Sunday to see the purple reign havoc on the bucs. I also can't wait to see my boy Jim Kleinsasser back in effect.

I"m thinking of quitting the farm. I love the farm, but I think it may be time. The original crew has dwindled down to me, peet, and miller. I want to try and stick it out until christmas so I can go to the christmas party, but it's really messing up my sleep schedule and weekends. I"ll have to give it some deep thought because that would be the end of an era.

See you all someday.