People call me rude, i wish we all were nude, i wish there was no black or white, i wish there were no rules.

Well, I put my two weeks notice in at the farm. After a combined almost 8 years of service, i'm done. Everybody always tells you that you'll be back, but not for this funky mf. It will be kind of sad not to see the usuall suspects there as much. Hopefully we can all kick it sometime or have some sort of happy hour deal after I'm done in a couple weeks. That leaves the original veterans down to 2.

My roomate Natzel hipped me to this funky arse site called www.thriftyhipster.com which tells you what drink specials are going on at every bar/club in mpls every night. Check it out if you plan on hitting anywhere in the MPLS area.

Prince put up a new single to download on his site www.npgmusicclub.com called "S.S.T." It was written and recorded at Paisley Park in one night after Katrina hit New Orleans. The song is about the whole fiasco. It is a 99 cent download and all the proceeds go to hurricane relief. It's actually a pretty good song too! So if Prince is at Paisley Park at the moment, when are the parties going to start again? I miss hanging out in the love4oneanother room listening to a dj spin actual good music or watching a funky ass early morning jam session. It's been awhile.

Where is R.S.R.?

That is all for now.