It will be so untight if you don't go....

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As some may know and some may not know, Saturday afternoon is my last day at the Farm. I talked with Peet a little bit about it, but I am organizing a Christian is leaving the farm jam Saturday night! Everybody better step up and go. I would like to start out at either Nye's or Vic's on Saint Anthony Main. If we get sick of those places we could head to Ghastoff's or Mayslack's or wherever N.E. palace will let us in. We will all have many a bers and reminisce about the days of farm past. Everybody I know is invited to go. Invite anybody you want! If you are down, and you better be, give me a call sometime before Saturday. All farmers must attend...and that means you Kramer and Tad Chilly!

Everybody give me a call and let me know. I want this to be like the time we ran 30 deep to Lyon's Pub.

tonight we're gonna get way down, tonight we're gonna ball, tonight we're gonna hit the bomb ya'll, talkin' bout the Northeast Crawl!