Gangster Glam..

I think i'm going to try and bring back the "Gangster Glam" look brought on by Tony Mosley former rapper of the 91 version of the NPG. Pink suits and glitter in my hair. Pink gators with no socks. Just walk around saying "Boy we ready to get funky on a sack of grand daddies!"

Do clubs with dancefloors still play like the couples only song sometime during the night? I remember back in high school going to Gators in maple grove for teen night and they'd always play a couple slow songs for couples. There was one time we went and I remember I danced with two different girls during the both of the slow jams. Maybe sometime soon i'll be at a place like brothers and they'll stop the top 40 randb crap and throw on Spandau Ballet's "True". That would be the stuff right there. God I wish I was 17 again.