the everlasting now...

Went to St. Olaf college yesterday with my parents to see my grandparents and have dinner with them. Nice to see them again and they may have a hook up on a graphics job for me. Ate at the student eating center and it brought me back to Garvey commons in St. Clone State and all those unlimited chicken patties I used to scour. Thought about going to Kristys cabin for the evening but a 3 hour drive there and back Saturday afternoon doesn't sound very appealing. Sorry Amber.

Going Frolfing with Cornelius today.

The frigging TIME are playing at Ribfest on Wednesday and it seems everybody has the evening off that night so everybody better be there!

I met my moms boss yesterday for the first time. Me and him have had some heated discussions on politics, religion, music, etc. Lately we've been arguing who is a better musician: Prince or Bob Dylan. You know my pic. Yesterday the first thing out of his mouth was "Oh my buddy Bob Dylan was getting an honorary degree from Cornell well Prince wasn't getting Sh*t." Well maybe thats because Prince has the highest attended tour of the year so far and his album is still in the top 10. Also, nice to see Bob Dylan is playing the Rochester county fair in a couple weeks...yee haw.

Song of the day: "James Brown Ride On" by Orlando Julius and his Afro Sounders.