Rebirth of The Flesh...

Some random notes...

Tried to go to bed at 11pm last night and for some reason I couldn't sleep so I layed in my bed untill 6:30am watching hellavision untill I fell asleep. Watched some interesting stuff in that time. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Good Morning Vietnam, Deliverance, and a nasty video show on BET called "Uncut" where they show uncensored videos. frigging dirty!

Well tonight is Cody's throwdown and it should be hoppin'. I think i'm going to take it easy since we all gotta be at the farm at 8am even though the crew cheifs will be at the jam. Maybe we should all just pull a no show.

Forgot to mention I hung out with Graham Johnson at the Time show. First time in like months. Hopefully it won't be that long again.

I must say that I am enjoying reading the Natrix. The posts on there are entertaining and hillarious.

I went to a weird website yesterday called "your death clock". It has you enter all this information like your weight, height, body mass index, birthdate, are you a smoker, etc. and it gives you the exact date in which your going to die. It told me I was going to die on March 31st 2044. The sites kind of creepy. Then on the screen where it tells you your death date, it has a countdown that ticks of how many seconds you have left in your life.

Sounds like we almost have a dodgeball team together!

Allright, God knows i'm a straight man but I am becomming a fan of a singer named Gavin Degraw and his song "I don't wanna be". I checked out his cd at best buy and almost bought it. On the cd it says he's the new Van Morrison. I'll have to hear more before I buy.