Man that new parking lot's going to be pretty sweet..

Well last night was quite an adventure. Went to Ribfest with my crew. Got there an hour early before the show and saw that beers were 7 bucks a piece!! Me and Hill decided to hit up the nearest bar we could find which turned out to be City Billiards. What a frigging dive. Beers were only 3 bucks there though. Saw an amazing performance by The Time. Morris and Jerome antics are sometimes more entertaining then the concert. One of my favorite parts was when they pulled a bunch of ladies on stage to dance to "If the kid can't make you come" which lasted quite a while. After the song was over, Jerome said "Wow that was one of the longest versions we ever did of that song..must been like 15 minutes.well ladies your 15 minutes of fame are up now get your a*ses off the stage." Afterwards we hit up a bar and hung out. Stepped to the dancefloor at about 11:40pm and when I returned to our table everyone was gone. Just when I thought I was stuck downtown for the night I ran into an old co-worker who was nice enough to give me and a friend a ride home. I had a dream that I was on Saved by The Bell and we were all pumped up about a parking lot Bayside was building and screech said "man that parking lot's going to be pretty sweet." Hence the title of this post. weird.