I buy gold by the ounce....I write a check and the bank bounce..

I would like to give a huge shot out to whoever signed me up for Maple Grove Singles.com! They've called me twice now and the number comes up private so I have no idea their calling.

I watched a Tivo'd episode of Family Guy from a couple weeks ago. It was one where Stewie has a babysitter he thinks is hot. I loved the part when her boyfriend came over. I loved the rant he goes into. He talks about how the kid was going to go back to his dorm to watch his beloved downloaded Simpsons episodes and he sarcastically says how everybody loves mr. plow and knows the stupid song. I got a kick out of this because I actually hate the Simpsons. I remember I had a class in college where everybody would talk about Simpsons episodes about everyday and they asked me mine. When I said I wasn't really into the show somebody said shame on you and made a cross with their fingers. F*ck the Simpsons! I"d rather watch South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Family Guy any day then those wankers.

I have no idea what I'm going to do for New Years Eve yet. Probably will involve a bottle of champagne, a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a Tilt for good measure.

The new Ryan Adams album kind of puzzles me. The first song "29" is this crazy rock n' roll song and then the entire rest of the album is slow, sad piano ballads. I kind of like it even though I think "Cold Roses" was better.

I bought the Kool Keith dvd "Global Enlightenment" which even though it is very short, it is quite entertaining. The "98 year old refridgerator" segment is pretty funny where Keith said he started drinking seltzer water all the time because homies would come to the crib or at the restaurant would steal his Yo-Hoo's and Hawaian Punches. But, nobody steals seltzer water so he drinks that. He then goes into a rant on how to stock your fridge so nobody steals your sh*t. There's also a commentary about why he likes Popeye's chicken so much and how they don't sell the quarter juices in a plastic bottle anymore like they used to. Pretty entertaning dvd for 10 bucks.