It's just cuz I'm old school like that..rockin' rhymes over soul loops like that..

Devastatin' Dave
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Got home from work this morning and started the weekend by listening to one funky ass mix...

"Crossword Puzzle" Sly Stone
"Celestial Blues" Gary Bartz NTU Troop
"Matrix" Dizzy Giliespie
"Fire Eater" Rusty Bryant
"Your Momma Wants You Back" Betty Davis
"Fat City Strut" Mandrill
"Brand New Orleans" Prince

"Fire Eater" by Rusty Bryant is such a g*ddamn funky groove! I played it twice in a row just to hear the guitar and sax solos again. Can someone tell me if it really was Graham Central Station backing up Betty Davis on her albums? And sadly, I haven't played any Devastatin' Dave yet today.