Only spinnin dialouge tryin to get the room number thinkin we was Angela D. and H.Rap Brown

Well, just when I thought I was going to take a break from posting do design a better layout for my blog, I decided to just keep posting while I"m doing it. Some random things...

-Even though after having the video debut and the Press Conference yesterday, I hate to say that after seeing the new Prince single "Te Amo Corazan" on Vh1, I really think it's kind of cheezy and very adult contemporary. I don't understand why he seems to release ballads as a single ever since about 1994. Except for "Musicology" that is. I'm excited for the new album "3121" this spring though. He also said there's plans to tour but wouldn't give any details except for saying "I've invited some old friends to join me." Hopefully that means old band members. I'd love to see Sheila E. or Wendy and Lisa join him. Even Brown Mark would be cool. He's a jehovah's witness too so who knows?

-Went to the Prince tribute at The Fine Line last Saturday and it was way more than I expected. All of the bands were pretty good. It was cool to see different bands put weird twists on Prince songs. Like the slide guitar/bluesy version of "Raspberry Beret" or the punk band Action vs. Action doing baddass versions of "Let's Pretend We're Married" and "Peach". The best band in my opinion was one called Taje which backs up former Prince backup singer Kip Blackshire. They did "Shhh", "Controversy", and "Little Red Corvette" and they tore the house up. They should have closed the show. The weirdest moment was a band of all brass which included a Tuba and sounded like a marching band which did instrumental versions of "D.M.S.R." and "7". There was also somebody who was rumoured to be from Oukasts backing band who did a piano medley which included a great version of "Adore". DJ Dirty Cologne didn't dissapoint between sets either playing a version of Jay Z's "99 Problems" backed with the beat from "Get Off". He also played a version of "Frontin" with "SexyMf" as the backing music. Very fun show to see.

-Farm Christmas party on Friday. Even though I don't work there anymore, I worked there this year so I still get to go. Usually full of Shananigans and usually ends up with a trip to the worst night club in Brooklyn Center.....yep, Jams.

-My pal Cody Stevens just turned 21 last month and is coming back from Tennesse in a week and a half. He says he wants to experience Jams. I have no idea why. Probably because he's heard so many farm stories about it. I guarantee he'll never want to go again. Can't wait to hang with him though.

-Everyone in the world is invited to celebrate my 28 years on this planet saturday night. Give me a call sometime Thurs. or Fri. to get the final details. No more bus due to me thinking about it. It will be fun regardless and a chance to get everybody out together again.