Yellow smiley offers me X..Like he's drinking 7up..I would rather drink 6 razorblades from a paper cup..

I was talking with Travis last week and he brought up a interesting point. Vh1 has I love the 70's, 80's and 90's which is fun to watch because you see all these songs that we used to get real pumped about, but what about when they have a show called I love the 00's? What the hell songs are they going to show from this period? I mean in the 80's you had musical inovations like new wave and punk funk. You had Prince, Madonna, MJ, Bruce doing Born in the USA. In the 90's you had Nirvana and Pearl Jam breaking new ground. Late 70's early 80's you had Hip Hop's finest. It seems all we have in the 00's is Ambercrombie Punk and carbon copies like Ashlee Simpson. And if it's not Ambercrombie Punk it's some band that wears black shorts and black tshirts and sings about how life is such a bad place to be. What are people 20 years from now going to think of that?

Speak of the DEVIL...I checked out that first episode of The Ashlee Simpson show season two because I heard they were going to show behind the scenes stuff when she cries at SNL. This whole season two is FIXED I tell you. It's FIXED to try and make people feel sorry for her and forget the whole lipsync thing. There's a point in the show where she brings up how her voice wasn't feeling good that day and they show this voice coach in the SNL green room with her and he mumbles something to her and they post what he's saying on the bottom of the screen. How come earlier in the episode when they were all in that room you could hear what everybody was saying just fine? There were a lot more things like that on the show but I don't feel like wasting anymore of my time or anybody else's with this no talent.