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Beck with Record Club "New Sensation"

I like Beck and I'm kind of intrigued by his Record Club where he records whole albums in a day with some of his musician friends. Even though I was a little dissapointed that after talking about it they put off doing "Sex Packets" by Digital Underground for a later date.  This time around they're doing "Kick" by INXS.  I like INXS mostly because my girlfriend Hilary got me into their album "Listen Like Theives".  I've always been a fan of "New Sensation" though and I was interested to see how Beck and Co. would do it.  After listening to it, I'm blown away!  I love how they totally did a different version of it which is slower then the original.  One thing I noticed about listening to this version is it made me listen to the lyrics more which made me realize what a beautiful song lyrically it is.  Another thing i'd like to know is who's filming these sessions?  Each episode of a song looks like it's a professionally filmed documentary.