Lets Get Sirius

Everyday when I drive home from work, I play my Ipod in my car.  I have one of those radio adapters that plays my Ipod through my cars radio on station 88.1.  Sometimes I'll pick up the Sirius/XM radio of the car next to me, in front of me, in back of me, etc.  This has happened to me about 20 times in the last year.  Based on my research of these 20 times, I've come to the conclusion that most Sirius/XM users could save their money and just listen to KQRS or KDWB.  I'd say 2/3 of the time it's a song that I could hear on KQRS on any given day.  There's only been a handful of times where i've heard Lady Gaga or that stupid "Keep Breathing" song.  Nothing drives me more crazy then listening to "Death Certificate" by Ice Cube and "Hotel California" or "Just Dance" busts in from the SUV next to me.  It just makes me wonder why someone would pay a monthly fee to hear the same songs they could hear for free.