Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'

I picked up some Monk's Blood beer after hearing about it from The Four Firkins.  I tried it and it lives up to the hype.  I was intrigued by the special ingredients which sounded great.  The special ingredients include: Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Dried Black Mission Figs, Aged on Oak.  It's a great chilling beer.  You definitely can't pound it.  The alcohol content is 8% so it's kind of strong.  If you like dark beer it's definitely a must!  I heard they also make a Watermelon flavored beer? I might have to try that also even though I have a hard time thinking what a watermelon beer would be like.  Thinking of it makes me think of Mike's Hard Lemonade or something, but we'll see. I found a 4 pack at Mcdonalds Liquor in South MPLS.  For more info check out the brewers website at http://www.21st-amendment.com/

Spinning today on the car ride home from work..

"Hey Joe" Wilson Pickett
"The ? Remains" Gangstarr
"The Music Sounds Better With You" Stardust
"Which Way To Go" Eddy Current Suppresion Ring
"We're Doin' It" Eddie Bo
"Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough" Kam