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JVC FORCE - Doin' Damage 1988
**** out of 5

Man, I love this record.  The crew is JVC Force (Justified by Virtue of Creativity For Obvious Reasons Concerning Entertainment). Anybody looking at the cover today might think Curt Cazal, B.Luv and AJ Rok ain't that fresh, but they'd be wrong.  JVC Force has a unique rhyme style that a lot of rappers today can't even compare to.  Of course "Strong Island" and "Strong Island" (blue mix) are classics, but the title track "Doin' Damage" contains the first ever sample of "Louie Louie" by a hip hop group.  This might sound like a joke, but they actually make it work pretty well!  "Take It Away" contains the classic Vaugn Mason sample "bounce, rock, skate" and is another great track.  These cats had not only unique rhyme styles, but production skills on top of it.  Lots of scratching which I love.  Of course "the force is buggin' is kind of wack, but I can pretty much spin this record straight through.  I believe it was rereleased on cd and vinyl recently and you can probably find it on amazon.  If you're interested in more JVC Force, you can check their story at the link below...