Oodles of O's....

Thought I was supposed to work at 7 this morning but later found out it is 7pm so I was up with a whole day to spare. Got the car washed, cleaned around the house, washed, went swimming! The swim felt great and it was a great day outside. Picked up De La Soul's "Rarities and Remix's" disc. Pretty good stuff. Could have had a better tracklist but oh well. De La Soul is probably my second favorite hip hop group in between Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest.

Downloaded all the Musicology bsides from Princes site:

United States of Division bside of Cinnamon Girl
Magnificient Bside of Musicology
Silver Toungue bside of Call My Name

all great tracks..can't decide which one I like the most.

Can't find the Faces box set anywhere. Checked all day today.

If anybody is into old school hip hop and funk like me..check out Grand Slam Magazine. It's a british magazine that shinders imports. comes with a cd of rare funk and hip hop.

Looking foreward to the bbq tommorow. Will actually hang with Graham and his wife for the second time in two weeks! Damn!