Random Grease...

Went to Cody's party on Friday night and I must say I had a great time. Nice to see the whole crew in effect. There were some very funky joints played that night. One of my new favorites due to the party is "Fear of Music" by Talking Heads. Everybody waving their hands from side to side to the Greg Stevens album was definitely a highlight. Was told by Cody that some red haired girl was asking about me, who I kindly met and found quite interesting and nice. N8 had me rolling most of the night. I feel bad for Cody who had to clean up that mess and a half.

Wow, people from other places on earth actually check out my site. I'm flattered and better yet it's another purple music lover. I'd like to say whats up to Natalie holding the funk down in Texas! You will love the Musicology show, especially the acoustic part.

Is it just me or did August just sneak up on everybody? Seems like it was yesterday that we drove to Miller's cabin on the 6 am bus and that was back in June.

Travis called me the other night and told me a story about how he was at Applebee's and a group of people came in and everybody asked for waters. After they got their water they all pulled a packet of Lemonade Kool Aid out of their pockets and made lemonade. Then one of the ladies asked for a plate of barbecue sauce and a to go box. She then poured the whole plate of sauce into her to go box. Thought it was a weird and random story.

Is there anybody cooler then the Kool Aid man?

If we ever get this dodgeball team together, we should have a scrimmage with Peets team.