We know what is up when they don't know what is what we just strut..what the f*ck..

First, my apologies to anybody who called my voicemail this past weekend. The messege was supposed to be a joke since at the house we've been making fun of that Super Sweet Sixteen show on eMpTyV constantly.

In my links section, I posted a link to old school rapper D-Nice's (TR808) blog. "Call Me D-Nice" by D-Nice was the first cd I ever owned and was purchased in 1990. I was checking out his blog today and he posted a picture of The Large Professor from Main Source. If you don't know the Large Professor, you should hit the library and look up hip-hop classic. He was in the fantastic group Main Source which put out "Live at the BBQ", "Fakin' The Funk", "A Friendly Game of Baseball" and "Lookin' At The Front Door" to name a few! The Large Professor is one of the dopest producers in hip hop also. He produced some tracks on, in my opinion, the only good Nas album "Illmatic". I definitely reccomend checking Main Source and Large Professor out. Good luck finding their album "Breaking Atoms" though. It's out of print and is going for 50 dollars on ebay. Somebody told me the website www.sandboxautomatic.com sells bootleg versions of it for 12 bucks though.

Well, my roomate Ando got his halloween pictures developed yesterday. Some pretty good pics of Elvis getting sleazy, me sleeping in a chair, and the wack pack striking again. I'll maybe post some of them later if I get motivated enough and I'll write about my Saturday off which was quite a fun one.

Funk joint of the day....."Standing Ovation" by GQ