That sissy tony danza was on that show Taxi....

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I have a new love lately and it's called Taxi Cabs. Taxi Cabs save the day on Fridays. I bet I have taken a Taxi at least four out of the last 5 weekends. I have heard many horror stories about people getting D.U.I.'s and I would much rather split a 15 dollar cab with a couple homies instead of paying six grand or whatever it takes to get out of a D.U.I.! Plus, Taxi Cab drivers can be pretty interesting people to talk to. The last one we had told us some pretty raunchy stories of things that happened in his cab and one we had a few months ago told us he takes backroads when going to Northeast bars because he's had some run in's with the cops there. Crazay as Jesse Johnson featuring Sly Stone!