Coming from the projects on the hill in my monkey green ragtop seville..

Went to see Hookers and Blow on Friday night at the Cabooze and it probably ranks in my top 5 greatest nights out ever! Seems like the whole crew showed up. DJ Jezus Juice did a dj set to open the show and I went up to him to ask what record he was playing because he was playing some funky/jazzy type stuff that me and ando were totally digging. Band was on fire! There were 5 of us doing choreographed moves in the front row that the band was loving! Me and Jeff Hill did the Kid and Play dance at one point. During the break between sets there was a mad freestyle battle going on between N8 and Jeff that got two girls very interested. During the second set, Me, my roomates ando and jewett, Jeff Hill and N8 got pulled up on stage to dance with the band! Some of us got instruments and each of us GOT A TURN ON THE MIC!!! I sang something and yelled chickengrease! Jeff did part of "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire!! Met many new people on the dancefloor. I wore silver polyester pants. One for the books I tell ya. I think it is pretty much safe to say that we owned the Cabooze friday night.

Bought the new Beck single off of ITUNES. I am really digging it. "Hell Yes" gets funkier every time I listen to it.

Thanks to DJ Jezus Juice, I got into a group called Jetsofunk.