I was visiting Prince's official site today and learned that they have organized a monthly gathering at the Minneapolis Music Cafe for Prince fans every last Thursday of the month where they play only Prince music all night and a chance for fans to meet and hang. This got me thinking to my experiences with other Prince fans like myself and it makes me not want to go. Granted back when I was 16 I did some pretty weird things like driving to Paisley Park for the first time after hearing a rumor they were having a video shoot only to learn I wasn't getting in. Princes brother told me to hang out in the parking lot awhile to see if they needed anymore people. I waited over 4 hours and they let me in. People told me I was crazy. I think i've calmed down quite a bit though over the years.

Here's some interesting Prince fans I've encountered..

-Waiting in line for a party at Paisley Park Studios in 97 the woman in front of me started asking me how I got into Prince, etc. When I asked her, NO LIE, she told me that Prince is an alien and he lives in a spaceship in the lake behind her house. Needless to say I turned around.

-During a Paisley Park party in 99, a fan who drove from Chicago for the party wore a cape with Prince's famed symbol on the back. He parked in the parking lot, rolled down his windows and blasted every Prince album ever.