December First...

Can't believe it's December allready. Went to Cheapo last night (Must have just missed Jake and Quade) and parted with something that might offend Graham Johnson. I sold my Ben Harper "Pleasure and Pain" DVD. I'm sorry, I just can't take Ben Harper anymore. Don't get me wrong, the first four albums are the grease but "Diamonds on the Inside" just kind of turned me off. So did his romance with Laura Dern. At Cheapo I noticed the new MF Doom album is allready out! Going to have to wait though.

I still haven't heard word if the St.Clone trip is still in effect. I guess I will find out tonight.

Something weird is going on with me. I am actually enjoying going to work. They put out this suggestion box a couple weeks ago about how we can become a better team and ever since they've treated us like rock royalty. Last week they bought us pizza twice. This week they had free subs twice. They had free caramel apples two days ago and yesterday they had a big jug of Hi-C with a bunch of bottles of sprite to make a fizzy fruit punch type of drink.

Another thing about work and about life that really gets me angry is it so hard to say Hello back to somebody. I try to say hello to everybody at my work and for some people it's so damn hard to say it back. It's almost like some people are embarassed about it or something. Weirdos.