Christmas Eve..

Had a pretty nice Christmas Eve. Hung out at the parents and watched the Vikings blow another one. Moms had shrimp and chicken legs as I savored one of my last meat eating journeys. Went to BP Lutheran at 7pm and then I went with my mom to St. John Of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis at 10pm. I guess St.John Of Arc is in the paper constantly because they've been denounced by The Pope. Not that I give a care what he thinks. After going there though I can see why. It is so damn liberal. Some of that is a good thing I guess. On the way there my mom and I were bumping some XM Satelite radio. This could be one of the greatest inventions ever. I checked out the old school Hip Hop station and I guess on Fridays they have dj's do sets of old classics. I heard a mix of "Juice(Know The Ledge)" by Eric B. and Rakim, "Ain't No Half Steppin'" by Big Daddy Kane, and "I'm Still #1" by Boogie Down Productions! Big Daddy Kane was hanging in the studio with the dj and did some shot outs! Whenever a song comes on it tells the artist, song title and album title! Gotta say I'm lovin' it.

Forgot to mention that my parents gave me and my roomates a 1.75 liter bottle of Crown Royal with four Crown Royal encrusted glasses as a house christmas present. Me and Natz decided last night that we were going to stay in, drink some whiskey and make "A Players Lair Christmas II (The Colabo)" We put together quite a disc I must say. Got some replacements, Wilco, etc. on Natz selections. I tried to dig deep for this one. I can't remember everything I put on there but what I remember is "Pumpin It Up" P-funk All-Stars featuring Sly Stone, "Let's Play House" by Parliament, "Cramp Your Style" by All The People, "Chickengrease" by D'angelo, "Hot Burrito #2" by The Flying Burrito Brothers. That's all I can remember but it's a pretty smokin' set. The inside cover has one of the best collages of pictures from this last year that I've ever seen. Holler if you want a copy.