It's a good thing that I'm rappin'..cuz if it wasn't for the rappin' I'd be mackin'...

Well here it starts. I am know on vacation from work for 5 days! I am amped for FarmXmas2004. Dollar drinks, good food, good times, everybody doin' the walk to the Time's "The Walk".

Natzel emailed me yesterday and wants to colaborate on a mixtape project. Last year he made "A Players Lair Christmas" mix cd and gave it to people as a gift. This year he wants to make "A Players Lair Christmas Part II" and give it out, but he wants me to choose 7 songs and him to choose 7 songs. I have been digging deep in the crates to find obscure funky gems. So far I have had a few ideas and so far only two are concrete. My first song is "Let's Play House" by Parliament. For those that don't know, this song was the song Digital Underground sampled music and some lyrics from for "The Humpty Dance". and the second is "Lightweight" by JZone. I don't know yet, but I'm leaning towards putting "The Grind Date(Queen Mash Up remix)" by De La Soul on there, but i'm not sure. Should be pretty dope though!

For those asking questions about the Celebration on the 18th at the Fine Line (N8). I don't know yet. Thinking about going downtown around 8 or 9pm. I'll let everybody know on Friday.